Slowdive - Souvlaki (1993)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Slowdive
Length 57:02
Format mp3
Genre Alternative Pop/Rock; Dream Pop; Shoegaze
Index 3975
Track List
01 Alison 03:51
02 Machine Gun 04:28
03 40 Days 03:16
04 Sing 04:51
05 Here She Comes 02:21
06 Souvlaki Space Station 05:59
07 When the Sun Hits 04:47
08 Altogether 03:42
09 Melon Yellow 03:55
10 Dagger [*] 03:33
11 Some Velvet Morning [*] 03:23
12 Good Day Sunshine [*] 05:08
13 Missing You [*] 04:15
14 Country Rain [*] 03:33
Purchase Date 7/1/2004
Store Soulseek
kbps 192
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Not enough great things can be said about Souvlaki, Slowdive's magnificent second album. The sound is incredible — beautifully written pop songs layered with floating trails of vocals, vast waves of flanged guitars which swell and recede — a sound that defines the term "dream-pop." In fact, Souvlaki's opening track, "Alison," is quite possibly the most exemplary single ever to come from the genre — one listen is all it takes to be convinced. The album is the high point of Slowdive's career, stylistically speaking; at this, the midpoint of their career, they were combining the sweet pop of Just for a Day with the ambient experimentation that would mark their third release, Pygmalion. The result is a wholly brilliant album, almost on par with My Bloody Valentine's Loveless as the definitive recordings of the "shoegazer" genre. — Nitsuh Abebe