Aarktica - Bleeding Light (2005)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Aarktica
Length 48:53
Format mp3
Genre Ambient; Ambient Alternative; Indie Electronic
Label Darla Records
Index 31
Track List
01 Depression Modern 04:35
02 OJ Gude 05:02
03 Night Fell, Broke Itself 06:32
04 A Shadow Knife (Draws Bleeding Light) 08:26
05 We're Like Two Drops Seperated By A Drowning 04:48
06 A Wash A Sea Goodbye It's Me 04:32
07 Twilight Insecta 05:41
08 Bleeding Light 09:17
Purchase Date 6/15/2005
Store Soulseek
Location TRAX_495
kbps 192
Links Amazon US
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
There have been a lot of albums dedicated to or about New York City in recent years, but none quite like this one. Following his ambient Pure Tone Audiometry and Or You Could Just..., Aarktica's Jon DeRosa wanders into yet another territory. Although it may not be one that fans of the previous records are used to, it shows his diversity nonetheless. Displaying interest in free jazz and avant-garde, Bleeding Light combines electronics with horns, guitar and sometimes downcast, yet soft vocals. An exception arrives with "A Wash a Sea Goodbye It's Me," which is more or less accessible and warm. Otherwise, gloomy tones are produced by guitar, percussion, trumpet or saxophone, with processed sounds lingering in the gaps. Bleeding Light finishes with the words "everyone of us is lost in our own way," capping what represents a less desirable side of New York, but one that may not be sufficiently acknowledged.